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"If you want respect, show it."
- Anonymous

Bridget Brigitte

Composer, Songwriter and Recording Artist - Acoustic

Welcome to my music page!

Being a composer, songwriter, vocalist, musician, writer and media producer has led me to share music as a way of life, of living, of thinking, and being.


More than ever, our planet is letting us know that changes brought about by humanity leave their mark on our natural system.

It is our generation's calling to do all that we can to live in harmony with our planet, not at odds with it. This includes recycling, keeping population growth in check, and choosing internationally sustainable ways to live.


I like to blend my activities as a composer with non-profit work.

Some organizations help us realize in the concrete world the dreams in our minds. As CEO of the Women's International Center -- a 501c3 non-profit for which I have worked many years -- I celebrate the gifts of many women pioneers from around the world (and some gentlemen too! Please note the "gentle" in gentlemen...). WIC has been honoring, celebrating, encouraging and educating women for almost 30 years. I am also a Peace Chair at Rotary International, which can proudly claim to have almost eradicated polio around the world.


When I was in elementary school, I had a greeting card taped on the wall, it said "Always take on more than you can possibly handle or you'll never do all you can do." It showed an exhausted bug with a bursting tummy leaning against a last piece of cake. Sometimes I have to say no in the interests of being responsible to my already extensive commitments. If I worry about the big picture, or feel overwhelmed, I comfort myself in the knowledge that our lives resemble pools of water on sea rocks: no matter what tumult surrounds us and no matter what any of us do or plan, things settle the way they settle, naturally glistening and full of beauty. As the saying goes, time heals everything, and my most recent life lesson is: Happiness is Created.


My record label Bionic Sisters Productions was originally built around my music career.

I like my days to be predictable and had heard horror stories about the music business (some of the most famous performers we know have been stranded and flat broke mid-career due to mismanagement). Thriving for 10 years, BSP has grown to include services for many others including several non-profits that I have worked with. At BSP, Jean-Pierre and I offer website creation and filmmaking (biography, history, weddings, birthdays, public events, live resumés, plays, interviews, business promotion, celebrations, live greeting cards, mementos). As for my own music, I have been privileging recording over performing at the moment, in order to finish my current recordings.


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